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Buy TikTok shares at a low price to promote your tiktok account!

It’s super simple and super effective!

Quick Tip: Before you choose the package, make sure to set your tiktok account to “public”.



Step 1


Once your account is public, you can then choose the quantity of shares you’d like to gain.


Step 2


We offer additional options that allow you to customize your order with options like Instant Execution (expedited delivery) and a Premium Guarantee for likes you’ve purchased.


Step 3


For the last (and simplest) step, you will need to choose an account.

Paste a link to your TikTok video (the correct format is as follows:  OR ).

Add the order to the cart and pay for it with any payment method of your choice.

REMEMBER: Keep your profile setting on “public”!


How long does the service take?


We strive for to complete our orders as quickly as possible. While we’ve been able to process some orders within 30 minutes, but some orders (depending on the location you’re ordering from) may take longer.

Please notify technical support if you have any questions whatsoever about the status of your order.



Is the service permanent?



If you choose the “Premium Guarantee 💎💎” option, we ensure a steady increase for 30 days from the date of the order.

During this time, the number of tiktok shares will be calculated on a continual basis and replenished if any decline or changes in the tiktok algorithm occur.

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