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Buy Video Views at a low price to promote your Instagram account!

It’s super simple and super effective!

Quick Tip: Before you choose the package, make sure to set your Instagram account to “public”.



Step 1


Once your account is public, you can then choose the quantity of views you’d like to gain.


Step 2


We offer additional options that allow you to customize your order with options like Instant Execution (expedited delivery) and a Premium Guarantee for views you’ve purchased.


Step 3


For the last (and simplest) step, you will need to choose a photo.

Enter link to your Instagram post (the correct format is as follows: ).

Add the order to the cart and pay for it with any payment method of your choice.

REMEMBER: Keep your profile setting on “public”!


How long does the service take?


We strive for to complete our orders as quickly as possible. While we’ve been able to process some orders within 30 minutes, but some orders (depending on the location you’re ordering from) may take longer.

Please notify technical support if you have any questions whatsoever about the status of your order.



Is the service permanent?



If you choose the “Premium Guarantee 💎💎” option, we ensure a steady increase for 30 days from the date of the order.

During this time, the number of views will be calculated on a continual basis and replenished if any decline or changes in the Instagram algorithm occur.


Why Instagram ?


Instagram is an app that allows its users to share their daily lives and interests on social media. Through the app, not only can you upload pictures, but also short videos, allowing for multiples of each to be added to a singular post. This app is consistently growing in size, and has millions of users consistently accessing the platform. In UK alone, there are 7 million Instagram users logging on every day. Many agree that Instagram is gaining popularity enough to be amongst the ranks of Facebook and Twitter, two of the most popular social media platforms of all time. Such a huge and rapid development of the platform has meant that it has become a great place to earn extra income, through the use of sponsored posts. What’s more, every user who has a unique idea for running their profile, has beautiful pictures and eye-catching captions, and also has some time to post consistently can easily become popular in a short space of time. This means that you could be just one day away from gain all the lucrative benefits of popularity on the platform!


How can I upload the right content in order to increase my views and get attention from other users? And how can I keep these factors consistent without losing their attention?


First of all, it is important to care deeply about your account, and vitally you must set your profile on ‘public’ mode. Why? Without ‘public’ mode, your uploaded content will only be seen by those who follow you, and you must approve each follower, which can put off some users. ‘Public’ mode also allows other Instagram users to easily get to know you, without going through the process of following and getting approved.


Another important factor is to post good quality content. What does this mean?

You should spend some time on your content that you would like to upload, ensuring it is content that will stand out amongst millions of other profiles. What kind of content is this? This is content that should catch people’s eye at first glance, perhaps using the same attractive filter on your posts, which will make your profile look aesthetically pleasing and consistent. Don’t forget about your post’s caption – it is recommended to write something which will encourage your audience to engage with the post, which in turn will increase your visibility to new potential instagram followers.

Replying to any comments that you receive relatively quickly is also important, as this factor is taken into account by Instagram’s algorithm. Hashtags also cannot be ignored, and can take your account to new levels in terms of popularity. It is always worth checking what hashtags are the most popular at the time of posting, and implementing them into your posts.


Are traditional posts a better option, or should I look further?


The posts that gain the most attention are those that let the audience get to know you and your personality better. Many studies have confirmed that these are the most popular type of posts on the platform. In your post, you can upload 1 piece of media or create a small gallery of up to 10. Posting more at once actually increases the visibility of your posts, as well as the engagement rate.


It is also necessary to remember another option that Instagram offers, that gives you the opportunity to gain even more views and engagements. This opportunity is a video! Through posting videos, your content will be more vivid and your followers will be happy to see more than just an ordinary picture. Uploaded videos are different from pictures, in the sense that likes are not visible under the post, and instead there is a number of views displayed. This is good news for us! Why? Because your followers can see a huge number of views, which will get their attention to follow your next posts. The more popular your account is, the more attention you will get! Profiles with high engagement can easily gain a consistent flow of interested users in their content.


What kind of requirements should be met to make a video ‘high quality’?


An uploaded video post should last from 3 to 60 seconds. The size of the video can be up to 100mb maximum, and the best option is to use a ‘mov’ or ‘mp4’ format. The ratio of the recorded video should be 4/5 to 16/9, and its maximum width shouldn’t exceed 1920 px.


Is there an option to edit these videos before I upload them?


Instagram offers editing options and some filters, all of which will make the post more aesthetically pleasing. Remember, the more views under the post, the more chances you get to stand out amongst other Instagram profiles. Under such posts, don’t forget to add relevant hashtags and captions encouraging your followers to comment and autolike the post, helping to make your post more popular.


High amounts of followers, large numbers of instagram likes and views and interesting instagram comments under your video will all get the attention of other Instagram users. Your profile will soon garner a loyal following, hugely increasing your chance to become popular. This is an amazing opportunity to be proud of your Instagram account, and perhaps even earn money through your posts! 

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