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Buy likes at a low price to promote your Instagram account!

It’s super simple and super effective!

Quick Tip: Before you choose the package, make sure to set your Instagram account to “public”.



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Once your account is public, you can then choose the quantity of likes you’d like to gain.


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We offer additional options that allow you to customize your order with options like Instant Execution (expedited delivery) and a Premium Guarantee for likes you’ve purchased.


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For the last (and simplest) step, you will need to choose a photo.

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REMEMBER: Keep your profile setting on “public”!



Is the service permanent?



If you choose the “Premium Guarantee 💎💎” option, we ensure a steady increase for 360 days from the date of the order.

During this time, the number of likes will be calculated on a continual basis and replenished if any decline or changes in the Instagram algorithm occur.


Instagram likes


Just one day is enough to become popular on social media. A single funny photo, interesting video or life update can sometimes change everything. From this arises a few questions – is getting popular on Instagram profitable? Is it worth it to focus on building your account? Does the number of likes really matter? The answer to all of these is – YES!


What is this Instagram about ?


Instagram is a very easy to use social media platform, accessible via app and website, that allows you to post photos or short videos and share them with the rest of the world. The platform is well known for its square photo dimensions, and the built-in photo/video filters that are offered to users in many different and interesting forms. Instagram users are able to view photos and videos, comment on and like posts, follow other accounts and also upload posts themselves.

Instagram popularity vs Instagram likes


Instagram is becoming increasingly popular every single day. How is it possible stand out among millions of others? Firstly, you must have an idea of how you would like to style your account. You first need to find your niche or theme, and ideally this will be one that is also popular and interesting for others. It could be anything such as lifestyle, health, travel, or any kind of passion, including even your religion. It is good at this point to find some popular accounts within your theme and research how they built their follower advantage, and how they encourage these followers to leave likes and comments. Perhaps some may be our clients, like most UK influencers!

The content added on your social media must be of high quality – in other words, photos should stand out amongst others, be of good quality, catch the eye and fit your theme. Uploaded posts don’t have to be a picture, they can even be something like a great quote. Make sure to add Instagram likes to your post immediately after adding it, as doing so will hugely increase the post’s chances of going viral.

Another key to increasing popularity on Instagram is the regularity of which a user uploads posts to their account. Posting consistently will make your account more visible for your followers, and increase the chances of followers staying followed for longer. Posting irregularly can lead to a tarnished reputation, and a stunt in the growth of your likes and followers.

Additionally, the timing of your posts is highly relevant too, as the more people who are online when a photo or video is posted the more chances your posts have of receiving more engagement. The most popular time is right after waking up, during lunch and in the evening (relative to your area).

Hashtags are also essential. Without them, even the most beautiful picture in the world may never stand out. Why? A hashtag is by far the best method to search for topics or phrases on the platform. It is an easy way for users to find a variety of posts associated with their search all in one place. When you publish your post with popular hashtags in the description, e.g. #love #food #travel #fashion etc., after a short while you will most likely notice extra likes on your post. 

Search among millions of users within the same theme as your profile, like, follow, comment and your range will increase, particularly as there might be a chance that they will follow you back! Don’t forget about your followers and checking their accounts, it’s always important to like, comment and build a relationship with them. Activity on your profile is another important factor, as you have to respond to comments and engage with your followers to help you increase the reach of any given post, whilst also improving likes and comments on your content.

Use Instagram stories – show the backstage of your passion, work and daily life. Create surveys, do live streams, ask questions. All of these activities are very common recently!

Using these stories also allows you to also inform your followers about your new uploaded post or video. Accounts with a large number of followers can throw in a link that directly transfers the user to a post or website from the story, which is extremely helpful if you have your own business website.


How can you use popularity on Instagram ?


Is the time you spent on all those activities on Instagram to make you stand out from others a waste of time? Absolutely not! Instagram is becoming more and more well-known for being a great source of income. How is that even possible? Instagram users with a great number of followers and amazing content to boot can often make lots of money from their posts. A large number of likes and a high number of followers are the main factors that attract potential employers. Why is that? Through the use of sponsored posts on popular Instagram profiles, these employers can reach many more potential customers, and easily promote their brand or business.


How does it work? The agency, company, or person promoting their business will gladly advertise   their product or brand. Therefore, they will look for a popular account within their required theme or aesthetic. Such companies can offer you a collaboration, on terms that will more often than not bring monetary benefits. Will it be well paid right away? It depends. Usually product placement is offered in exchange of free usage, but well known accounts can expect great branded products and a payment too. As you can see, working hard on your account can be very profitable.


You should also not forget that your own business can itself become popular. Instagram is a great tool to promote yourself and your business, with product links and shopping on the platform a new available feature well received by users. From this it becomes clear that a large number of followers and Instagram likes are a safe and lucrative investment, particularly when comparing the low price that we offer for buying such an amount of likes.

You have now, in a brief summary, learnt the most important information about this social media platform. What it is, what an ideal account should look like and how it should stand out, as well as what brings popularity. But now, how do you increase the reach of your account even further? How can you make your account generate even more interest and bring in the desired profits? How can you start getting UK Instagram likes?


Buy Instagram likes

It is definitely worth taking a look at all of the manual ways of increasing your reach, and implementing them into the creation of your account, however, it is time consuming even if it does bring results. So, how can you speed up this monotonous process? It is worth supporting your account with an agency that offers the purchase of likes on Instagram, at attractive prices. The entire purchase of the product takes less than five minutes. You will only need your basic data, and both anonymity and effectiveness of the course of action is guaranteed. Through this process, building your brand on Instagram becomes a very simple, fast and beneficial task. By purchasing Instagram likes, you have the chance to build trust between you and your followers, increase your reach even further and significantly increase your current statistics.

Why is this happening? You have certainly noticed that when you make a purchase via the internet, you will pay more attention to brands that have garnered a lot of interest already, are active in their online presence, and are also engaging well with their customers. The same process applies to Instagram – the more likes, the more authentic you become and new followers will then gladly stay with you for longer.

We love to get to know the daily life of influencers, and familiarise ourselves with their private matters, passions and even problems. Nowadays, popularity is very important. Purchasing likes on Instagram becomes a great way to become famous at a very good price, the cost of which it may even be possible to make back. Promoting your posts on Instagram costs only 10PLN for a thousand likes, providing you with an amazing step towards the rapid and satisfactory development of your online presence.

You may have worries about a sudden new influx of likes failing to reflect your actual follow count. Don’t worry, the company already thought about this issue and will take care of this aspect. You can gradually add the number of likes under your photos for example, by dividing the packet into equal parts all of which will be added over time. 

This is the perfect way to promote yourself or your brand on a high scale in a fast, easy and effective way.


Free Instagram Likes


If someone offers you likes for free, our advice is to think about this twice. Often, those offering this do not have good intentions, and they may be targeting you to get your login and personal details.  Not only do we suggest that our clients consider ‘free likes’ carefully, but that they buy the likes instead from a trusted seller, such as

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