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To purchase comments, follow the three steps below!

✅Select desired quantity of comments

✅Select any desired additional options

✅Enter link to your Instagram post ( to find this, click here )



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Buy instagram comments at a low price to promote your Instagram account!

It’s super simple and super effective!

Quick Tip: Before you choose the package, make sure to set your Instagram account to “public”.



Step 1


Once your account is public, you can then choose the quantity of comments you’d like to gain.


Step 2


We offer additional options that allow you to customize your order with options like Instant Execution (expedited delivery) and a Premium Guarantee for comments you’ve purchased.


Step 3


For the last (and simplest) step, you will need to choose a photo.

Enter link to your Instagram post (the correct format is as follows: ).

Add the order to the cart and pay for it with any payment method of your choice.

REMEMBER: Keep your profile setting on “public”!


How long does the service take?


We strive for to complete our orders as quickly as possible. While we’ve been able to process some orders within 30 minutes, but some orders (depending on the location you’re ordering from) may take longer.

Please notify technical support if you have any questions whatsoever about the status of your order.



Is the service permanent?



If you choose the “Premium Guarantee 💎💎” option, we ensure a steady increase for 30 days from the date of the order.

During this time, the number of comments will be calculated on a continual basis and replenished if any decline or changes in the Instagram algorithm occur.



How can you buy comments on Instagram?


Buying comments on Instagram from couldn’t be easier. The purchasing process will take you just minutes to complete, and comments themselves will then be added no more than 30 minutes later!

Choose the amount of comments that you wish to add.

Customise the additional options to suit your needs.

Copy and paste the link to the post you wish to add comments to. If you’re unsure how to do this, CLICK HERE to see the short tutorial.

Before the purchase please make sure that your profile is set to ‘public’ mode, as we do not have access to private profiles and can’t add comments under their posts.

Most of the comments will be in English.

The power of comments on Instagram 2020


One of the best ways to promote your own brand is to advertise its products on popular online platforms, such as Instagram. This mobile app turned out to be a hit among users of social media – but why?

Initially, Instagram was created to help people share their experiences, documented via photos or short videos, with friends and family. Within a short time Instagram turned out to be a great place to promote one’s own business, as well as gain popularity and sell a variety of products. With this is mind, how is it actually achieved?

Undoubtedly you are aware of the characteristics of a good and successful profile. Posting content that is appropriate and aesthetically matching to your profile as a whole is crucial, as it allows your followers to know what to expect from your posts. Interesting captions and relevant hashtags are also essential, and will help to increase your follower count. Any sort of giveaway is another wonderful idea to increase your following – with the main rule of giveaways being for those who enter to follow certain profiles and tag other friends in the comment section. In a short period of time, not only you can gain a great number of new followers, but also build the popularity of your own brand.

Another effective method that will help your brand stand out is that of taking an active role in your profile and with your followers. Building a good relationship with your followers allows you more freedom with your posts, to the point where eventually they will no longer require constant interactions with you – however, most followers will like receiving a timely answer to their questions. It is extremely worth it to engage with those who comment under your post, although it is also important to engage with them under their posts as well – another key point to increasing your visibility on the platform.

As you can see, engaging with your followers is an easy and useful way to develop your brand. The more instagram comments you have under your posts, the more the number of comments will grow naturally, as other people engage with your posts. This also means that your posts will be ranked higher on the ‘explore’ page – accounts that are getting plenty of likes and follows that are then active under your uploaded content will make your profile look thriving and attractive.


How can I get more instagram comments under my photos?


First and foremost, comment on other profiles’ posts. Take an active part in your followers’ life and show your interest in their pictures or videos. Don’t forget to let people know you and your profile – this in particular is why you should comment under the posts of accounts that could potentially be clients of your brand. How to find these accounts? Search for appropriate hashtags that match your profile and its content. By doing this you will easily find accounts related to your niche or product. Trying to sound genuine with your interactions is also important – instagram comments such as ‘visit my profile’ will sound fake, and can create the opposite of the intended effect. Instead, complementing an interesting picture or leaving a positive message will both be more appreciated and will likely increase the chances of that person visiting your profile.

Remember to answer all instagram comments that your followers leave under your posts. Your return engagement will make them feel noticed amongst your other followers, and help you to build a personal relationship with them. The above methods are useful and effective, but can sometimes be time consuming, a point to keep in mind as we move on with our advice.


Is there any other way to gain more instagram followers/potential customers?


There certainly is! You most likely have heard of the possibility of buying instagram likes, which helps you gain popularity on the platform, and you can also purchase comments to the same effect. Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm, your visibility to others will definitely grow and you will in time gain your awaited fame. Your posted materials will reach lots of new users, who may never have heard about you before. Due to these benefits, it is worth it to consider buying already prepared comments. Through doing this, you won’t have to spend so much time working on your profile yourself, making it much less time consuming. The only thing you need to do to make the purchase is to give your basic information, and you will be rewarded with a process that allows you to stand out amongst other accounts on Instagram. This service doesn’t cost much, but can hugely improve your image on the platform. This offer can be implemented within just a few minutes, and within the following days you will quickly notice your dream results come to life. Comments are added from real Instagram accounts, that won’t have a bad influence on your account, and will look legitimate and professional. The offered service allows for a personal selection of content that will be commented under the post. If you’re unsure of what kinds of comments you would like, you can provide us with just a general topic, and the comments added will be adjusted accordingly.

If you wish to easily and speedily gain a huge increase in your visibility and account activity, purchasing comments is the way to go!


How can I hide bad comments on my Instagram profile?


The best solution to remove any unwanted comment is to buy additional Instagram comments – this will significantly increase the number of comments under the given post, in turn camouflaging the unwanted comment.

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