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Instagram AutoLikes

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To purchase auto likes , follow the two steps below!

✅Select desired quantity of likes

Enter your username ( to find this, click here )



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Buy Auto likes at a low price to promote your Instagram account!

It’s super simple and super effective!

Quick Tip: Before you choose the package, make sure to set your Instagram account to “public”.



Step 1


Once your account is public, you can then choose the quantity of likes you’d like to gain.


Step 2


Enter your Instagram account username (the correct format is as follows: instastory_co_uk).

Add the order to the cart and pay for it with any payment method of your choice.

REMEMBER: Keep your profile setting on “public”!


How do Automatic Instagram likes work?


With Auto Instagram likes, we resemble a real fanbase. Every time you upload a post, it will get likes automatically.

Our systems detect when you upload a new post, and sends likes to it automatically.

Our systems run 24/7, so you can be sure that you’ll always receive your likes, no matter when you post.


Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on instastory.co.uk

Subscriptions on autolikes renew automatically unless you unsubscribe.

Cancel a subscription

  1. On your account here https://instastory.co.uk/my-account/
  2. Go to Subscriptions section.
  3. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  4. Tap Cancel subscription.

What happens after you cancel

When you cancel a subscription you’ll still be able to receive likes for the time you’ve already paid.

How do auto-likes work?


Auto-likes on Instagram are the best way to keep a certain number of likes under each of your posts. By purchasing our auto-likes package, and selecting a specific number of Instagram likes each time you upload a photo, likes will automatically be added to your newest post. Additionally, the package works on subscription basis, of which you can unsubscribe at any time. Your package will be active for a whole month, allowing us to monitor your account and activate the auto-like system as soon as you create a post, adding your desired amount of likes under the post.


To cancel the subscription, simply send an e-mail to info@instastory.co.uk or to log on to your account under the link instastory.co.uk/my-account/ and select unsubscribe. Your subscription will then be deactivated. 


How can I purchase auto-likes on Instagram?


Purchasing auto-likes from instastory.co.uk couldn’t be easier. The whole process will take you only minutes, and likes will be added automatically within 30 minutes of you uploading a post.


Choose the amount of likes that you desire.


Customise the additional options to your liking.


Paste the link to your profile. If you’re unsure of how to do this, CLICK HERE to watch a short tutorial.


Before the purchase, make sure your account is set to ‘public’ mode, as we cannot add likes on private posts on Instagram.


Can you earn money on Instagram?


Nowadays, earning money through social media is not anything unusual. Previously, this way of earning money was seen as something additional or ‘extra’ to your traditional work. Currently, however, most influencers use social media as their main source of income. How can you join the community? How can you successfully run your profile on Instagram to allow for these benefits? How can you too become an ‘influencer’?


First and foremost, your profile should stand out from others on the platform. This is becoming more and more difficult, as there are plenty of new users every day on Instagram. There are not only young people, but also older people that are looking to share their daily lives with friends and family. You should figure out your own strategy which will allow you an advantage over these other Instagram profiles.


Your username should be as creative as possible, and ideally be one that corresponds with your profile’s theme. For example, an account that encourages healthy eating may use the word ‘fit’, or a profile that posts handmade items and crafts could use the word ‘DIY’.


Try to create captions that talk about your theme. It not only should be written with good grammar, but also be unique and intriguing. You should use a variety of different filters to make your profile look neat and aesthetically pleasing.


Remember to be consistent, ensuring your followers don’t forget about you and your posts stay fresh in their minds.


Another tip is to add posts when your audience is active. Statistics state that the majority of Instagram users are active in the morning after waking up, during lunch time and also in the evening hours before going to sleep. This knowledge will help you to increase the engagement with your posts.


Always use hashtags. This is the key to gaining new followers, allowing users that are interested in your content to easily find your profile.


Don’t forget that you have to be active on your profile, but also on others’ profiles too. Instagram Likes, Instagram comments and answering questions under your post will increase your popularity, and engaging with users on their posts will help too.

Giveaways are another great way to gain attention for your profile, as well as get more likes and Instagram followers.


All of the above methods will contribute dramatically to the growth of your Instagram account. Why is it worth doing these things? Having a substantial number of Instagram followers, as well as considerable sums of likes and comments under photos, makes you and your profile more popular. Why does this matter? The more followers and interactions you have on your profile, the more likely Instagram users will want to stay with you and follow your next posts, in turn allowing for the possibility of sponsored posts.


Does building your brand on Instagram take a long time? Yes, if you do it the traditional way. However, if you prefer to use the time you put into gaining new followers into taking great quality pictures instead, the best option for you is to purchase auto-likes. You can become popular in an easy and effective way, for just a small amount of money. We as a company that organises these transactions will help you achieve what you want in a much shorter period of time than that of a more traditional method.


We will only need your basic information for the purchase of these auto-likes, and the process takes just minutes. The service itself will be implemented within a short period of time, meaning in just one day you can increase your attention and popularity, with little to no effort on your part. This boost can gain the attention from potential employers, that may want to collaborate with you on sponsored posts. If you have your own business that you wish to promote on Instagram, your products will receive a huge new customer base, helping to vastly increase sales.


Will this service raise suspicions from my followers?


When using our discreet professional service, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. The purchased auto-like package can be divided into groups, and the likes will be added gradually, thus not arousing any negative attention from your followers.


If your dream is to get more likes on Instagram, or if you wish to simply promote your profile, then buying our auto-likes will be a great option for you. See for yourself how easily you can become popular, and in the process perhaps create an extra source of income for yourself.

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