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Do you need my Instagram account Login details?

Yes, We need your Instagram account Login details.

Is your promotion safe for my account?

Yes, we care about your privacy: it is our first priority. We don’t store your password, and we only use it for the authorization process. We do not use any third party applications or software; instead, we have an actual person working on your account.

Are these real people?

Of course! My service has nothing to do with mass or fake follow methods, and the new followers your account sees are all real users who engage on their own accord.

What are the requirements for my profile?

You need to make sure your Instagram account is at least one month old with more than twenty posts.


You have so many orders! When do you have time for me?

Because of the high quality of this service, my team and I serve hundreds of returning clients monthly. We have a large team of experts here where each team member has his own responsibilities. We are always excited to work with new customers.


How does this promotion work?

This promotion is one of the most successful for your Instagram account. If you wanted to achieve the same results with Instagram Ads, you could spend thousands of dollars with no guarantee of getting the same result, making it much riskier to run ads.

How does this promotion work is it follow/unfollow ?

Forget about that. We are NOT going to be doing any following or unfollowing, so your feed will stay only with people you want to see.