Tips! Tips! Tips! Everyone is looking for useful tips for success. Is it easy to find out magic tips? The answer is no because the digital world is filled with either necessary or unnecessary information. Sorting out effective data from millions of data’s box is not easy, if you are a thirsty guy for magic tips, you are in the right place. Today, we will discuss 12 Instagram Marketing Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

Before going to detail tips, you need to…

  • Download the Instagram App
  • Sign Up

Switch to Business Account. 


Define Goals At first, you have to be determined on the goals that you have. A target-oriented goal can convey more effective results from Instagram marketing. So, it would help if you had a clear idea of your business goal.

2. Audience 

Target the right Instagram users who have passion about your product and brand. America is the largest market for Instagram marketing, where 18 to 29-year aged people are more active on the social network platform. Also, urban residents are highly Instagram users than suburban peers. Now, you need to define the target market, so that creates a content that speaks directly to that audience.

3. Optimize Profile 

Correctly optimize your business profile that can make a great first impression. Your bio, name, username, website, category, contact info, and call to action button will be highly optimized to grab the customers’ attention more easily.

4. Profile Photo

Which part of a profile extensively detained the customers’ eye? It is a profile photo; an attractive profile photo creates much better engagement. So, you should be carefully selecting a profile photo that can express more ideas about your brand.

5. Visual Content 

Instagram is a visual medium, so in the sense of Instagram marketing, your photo must be sharp, well-composed, and in focus, at a minimum scale. Also, for Instagram promotion, a photo should tell a story and make excited the users; otherwise, your efforts may fall into a void process.

6. Write Great Caption 

The caption below of a photo on social media plays an important role. Your caption will be within 2,200 characters long as Instagram only shows the first two lines except tapping more.

7. Use Hashtags Wisely 

Once most of the users were not familiar with the hashtag. But the scenario has been changed mostly in the recent past regarding the use of the hashtag. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post but remains more realistic; you probably don’t want to do that. Experts recommend five to nine hashtags per post avoiding look like stuffing and a spammy tactic that can drop your followers.

8. Engage 

How can you get the highest engagement rate on Instagram? There is a simple trick; you have to remain to engage yourself too to other posts placing comments and replying to the questions. If you fail to interact with different profiles, you’ll have a lonely existence on the platform. So, more you will be liberal giving comments, like, and re-sharing others’ posts on your feed, your engagement will be raised indeed.

9. Instagram Stories

Don’t neglect Instagram stories; more than half of business owners use Instagram stories, and they are getting a fantastic result. One-third of stories viewed on Instagram are posted by business owners or their representatives. Stories are disappeared from Instagram within 24 hours that indicate more real and raw activities whenever you see the post.

10. Instagram Shopping 

Already we have discussed, you should have a business account because you could not sell products from your private account. More than 130 million users tap shoppable posts every month, so create shoppable Instagram posts to increase your sales.

11. Right Times

Find out the right time for your post depends on your niches. The best time of post varies depending on the various industries. Although the Instagram feed is not chronological, you have to place your post on Instagram what the schedule experts are recommended for your niche.

12. Instagram Ads

Take the advantages of paid Instagram ads; an average of 96 percent of U.S. business owners are already using the formula. Why are you not using the marketing strategy that other successful marketers do? Keep in mind a thing that there is nothing worthy at the present-day cost of free. So, run your paid campaign based on customers’ interest, location, age, gender, and behavior.

Finally, more than 2.5 million business owners are using Instagram as their business promotion weapon. We think you will be a success using the tips as mentioned earlier.